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Scholarships to be awarded for Yoga Teacher Training







Registration for 2024/2025 is NOW OPEN.  PLEASE DO NOT APPLY until you have read the information below, and you fit the requirement description.

Kansas City, MO - Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training, which is the first of its kind in the Metro area to have multiple studio owners collaborating, announced this week that they will be accepting applications for two partial scholarships for the first time next year for a 200 hour training program.


These scholarships will be awarded to two individuals who currently work with underserved populations such as veterans, lower income individuals (adults or children), special needs, first responders, women's shelters, PTSD sufferers or others and plan to bring yoga into those communities.  The co-creators, Leah Morgan of Core Balance Yoga in Lee’s Summit, MO and Angie Eckenroth of Radiant Yoga in Overland Park Kansas have been seeing a growing need to provide yoga to some of these often underserved populations.


According to Leah, “It’s no secret that the positives of yoga far exceed the myriad physical benefits.  A regular practice can also be tremendous for relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, calming the mind, and developing better coping skills.  We realized that there are individuals currently working in underserved environments that might not have the financial means to pay for a teacher training, but who would love to be able to bring this practice to those who need it most.”


The training is intensive and begins in September of 2024.  It runs one weekend a month and lasts for nine months, with additional requirements of attending classes and some additional workshops.


According to trainee Megan Berlin Baker-Katamura, “I have enjoyed the multi-styles learning from a variety of teachers...lectures, power-points, hands-on learning, reading, practice, and consistent feedback from a variety of knowledgeable professionals have encouraged me to delve deeper into practice and knowledge. I look forward to each month because while the format of class is consistent, the way in which we are learning the information is regularly changing.”

**Only serious, committed individuals who have previous yoga experience and can attend all trainings should apply. Applicant interviews begin in July/August, 2024.

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